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Patient management

Do you have any questions about all-day outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation at the Klinik Dr. Baumstark? Our patient management team will be happy to help and advise you competently on all questions relating to all-day outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation at our clinic.

Registration and admission

Rehabilitation following hospitalisation
If you are currently in hospital, you will work with the doctors and social services at the acute hospital to arrange for follow-up rehabilitation. For admission to the hospital, you will need an application for treatment following a hospital stay - follow-up treatment (AHB application). The AHB application signed by you will be forwarded by the hospital's social services department to your health insurance fund or your pension insurance provider as well as to our clinic.

As a rule, the funding agency informs us of the cost approval, whereupon you will receive written notification of an admission date. Depending on your state of health, you can also spend a few days at home between your discharge from hospital and the start of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation without previous inpatient stay in a clinic
If you have health problems and your performance in your job or everyday life is limited as a result, first talk to your family doctor or specialist. After an appropriate examination, he or she can give you a rehabilitation recommendation, a medical certificate and a rehabilitation prescription.

With regard to treatment in our clinic, please speak to your doctor: he or she is the right contact person for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. You can also obtain application forms directly from your health insurance fund or your pension insurance provider or via their websites.

Checklist to prepare for inpatient rehabilitation

We recommend that you bring the following items with you to your stay in our house.


  • medical reports, medical documents and X-ray images (also from the last few years), X-ray passport (if available).
  • a letter to this effect to the treating doctors is attached. Please present this to each individual doctor treating you.


  • identity card
  • health insurance card (in case of acute illness during your treatment)

  • clothing, underwear
  • weatherproof outerwear according to the season (e.g. mackintosh, anorak)
  • sturdy shoes for outdoor therapies
  • slippers
  • umbrella
  • clock / alarm clock
  • body care products
  • tracksuit / Gymnastics wear
  • bathrobe
  • swimming trunks / swimming costume
  • bathing sandals or shoes
  • walking sticks (if available)
  • medication to be taken regularly
  • all aids (e.g. insoles, compression stockings, bandages, crutches, etc.)

  • ticket, documents about travel and luggage costs.
  • if you would like to bring your own bicycle, we offer a storage facility for it, but the clinic accepts no liability. You can also hire a bicycle here on site for a fee
  • if you have taken out daily hospital allowance insurance, please inform your insurance company of the date and duration of your stay before arrival
Please contact us.
We will be pleased to help you.
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