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Private and foreign patients at the Klinik Dr. Baumstark

Treatment at your own expense or at the expense of private insurance is possible at any time at the Klinik Dr. Baumstark. We await our patients with appealing comfort and ambience. Patients from abroad are also very welcome. Due to its comprehensive range of treatments, the Klinik Dr. Baumstark has many years of experience in treating international patients.

© Kur- und Kongreß GmbH Bad Homburg

Private patients

First-class medical and therapeutic care are our hallmark. You will stay with us in a comfort single room or in a suite on the private ward. The use of the internet via W-LAN connection is free of charge for you. If you would like to receive care from a chief physician, please inform us on the day of your arrival.

It is important for our private patients that you receive a cost confirmation from your private insurance company and, if available, from your allowance office before starting rehabilitation.

Please note that without prior confirmation of costs, you are our contractual partner as a self-payer and must make an appropriate advance payment. If you are 100% privately insured (without aid), we can settle the costs directly with your health insurance company after written confirmation of costs. If you are insured with an allowance, please submit our invoice to your allowance office.

If you have any questions, please contact our patient management.

Foreign patients

The German health care system enjoys an excellent reputation abroad, so that more and more patients from other European and international countries travel to Germany for treatment.

Due to its comprehensive range of treatments, the Klinik Dr. Baumstark has many years of experience in treating international patients. For our foreign guests, the specialist areas of orthopaedics and internal medicine are of particular interest.


In order to be able to assess your treatment options at the Dr. Baumstark Clinic, we need a doctor's report (doctor's letter) that is as detailed as possible, which you can send to us at any time by e-mail or fax together with your treatment request. After a short time (usually 2 - 3 working days) you will receive your individual treatment offer with a preliminary cost overview. Do you have any further questions? Then please contact us.

Further information for patients abroad

If your illness requires intensive care or your mobility is severely restricted, we offer you an inpatient stay in our clinic. We offer elegantly furnished single rooms and hotel-like service.

You are mobile and not dependent on constant support and care, then you have the option of staying in a hotel of your choice. We have cooperation agreements with various hotels in Bad Homburg. You will only come to our clinic for the examinations and therapy units. Here you will find group changing and rest rooms if required. Of course, you can also book a day room at the clinic if you wish.

At the center of our check-up programs are prevention and health care in the field of internal medicine.

Clear communication is a prerequisite for successful treatment. During the treatment, communication can take place in German, English and Russian.

Our international patients come to our orthopaedic department mainly after joint replacement operations or with back problems.

The Department of Internal Medicine offers the possibility of a comprehensive check-up examination to diagnose the most important internal diseases (see check-up offer). Based on the findings, treatment proposals are developed and discussed with our patients.

Within the framework of our all-inclusive offers, care is also provided by the internal department. The aim is to improve performance in everyday life and at work by learning a healthier lifestyle and diet. Follow-up treatment (rehabilitation), for example after abdominal or other operations, can take place if an immediate return home after an operation in Germany is not yet possible or desired.

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