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Rehab request

You would like to take advantage of a rehabilitation measure, or your doctor or therapist recommends rehabilitation? Then submit an application together to your cost unit. In order to maintain your health and earning capacity, you are usually entitled to a rehabilitation measure.

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Request and choice

According to Social Code IX § 8, you as a patient have the right to choose. In other words, you have the right to choose the clinic for your rehabilitation - whether outpatient or inpatient - yourself. You do not have to follow the suggestion of your payer or adhere to the clinic lists provided by the payer. 

You can already indicate your preferred clinic when you submit your rehab application. If you have already submitted an application - or if it has even already been approved - it is still possible to exercise your right of choice.

Form request and choice (German)
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In principle, you can request an application form from any cost unit. You can also obtain the forms from your family doctor or the social services department at the hospital. Or you can download them from the Internet.

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Rehab with accompanying person

For inpatient rehabilitation, it is possible in some cases to have an accompanying person co-admitted by the health insurance company. An accompanying person for an inpatient rehabilitation measure is eligible if the presence of the accompanying person during the rehabilitation stay is of extreme necessity. This means that there must be medical reasons to ensure the co-admission by the health insurance of the insured person (§ 11 para. 3 SGB V).

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