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Partner on site

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, you will find further services offered by our external partners at the Klinik Dr. Baumstark. In addition to a hairdresser's shop, an orthopaedic shop, a neurologist, a medical supply store, a cosmetics studio and a chiropody studio are also available.

Private practice for neurosurgery

Dr. Med. René Krishnan
Specialist in neurosurgery


In more than 25 years of professional experience, Dr. Med. René Krishnan has specialised in the treatment of all painful diseases of the entire spine as well as in the treatment of spinal injuries.

Website Dr. Krishnan
Medical supply store Rosenkranz-Scherer

To support recovery and to provide our patients with aids such as Medibutler, sock pullers and shoe raisers, the Rosenkranz-Scherer medical supply store offers consultation hours twice a week.

Website Rosenkranz-Scherer
Salon Figaro

As a patient of the Klinik Dr. Baumstark, you can receive an extensive wellness offer in our beauty area Salon Figaro on request and by prior appointment. Let us pamper you and enjoy a wonderful time out.

Telephone: +49 (0)6172 177 20 77

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