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Medical check-up and package offers

Health is the prerequisite for quality of life and performance. We offer you a comprehensive medical check-up for prevention and early detection. Our team of doctors will help you to determine your current health status, to recognise existing risks in good time and to initiate appropriate measures as a result.


Our comprehensive diagnostic facilities allow us to examine your heart, lungs, thyroid, liver, stomach, intestines and pancreas in detail, as well as the most important risk factors such as blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure and tumour markers. We will conduct a detailed final medical consultation with you and provide you with a detailed written report of the findings.

The examination options at the Klinik Dr. Baumstark are personally tailored to you and offer you two screening variants with different intensities: the "basic check-up" or the more detailed "extended check-up". We will be glad to inform you about the duration and services of the check-ups (partly in cooperation with external partners).

Basic program - 2 days

Advanced program - 3 days

With the medical check-up, you can have yourself "put through your paces". The two-day basic program can be extended to three days.

Our comprehensive diagnostic options, some of which are provided externally in cooperation, allow a detailed examination of the heart, lungs, thyroid, liver, stomach, intestines and pancreas, as well as the most important risk factors such as blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure and some tumor markers.



For more information on our health programs, please feel free to contact our guest service on phone +49 (0)6172 407 45 69.

Vitality & Joy of life

Our offer: Vital cure package 7 days / 6 nights

Included in the offer:


  • 1 initial medical examination with determination of important blood values

  • 1 final medical consultation

  • 2 x group gymnastics

  • 2 x water gymnastics

  • 1 x Nordic Walking

  • 1 x aroma oil bath

  • 6 x medical training therapy

  • 6 x ergometer training

  • 1 x mud pack

  • 1 x pampering back massage

  • free use of the swimming pool

  • full board (food adapted to your needs)

  • voucher for 4 hours of pampering at the Kur-Royal Day Spa in the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad in the spa gardens




On request in case of overweight:


  • nutritional counseling
  • training kitchen
  • psychological counseling
Please contact us.
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