Dr. Baumstark Clinic

»Tradition has a future« – a frequently cited quotation that we are happy to repeat considering that our Dr. Baumstark Clinic can look back on a 100-year history.

 When Dr. Robert Baumstark opened his sanatorium in 1911, Homburg v. d. Höhe was already a recognized and popular spa resort. The opening of the sanatorium represented a new milestone, a departure from outpatient spa treatments in hotels to the clinic-based spa and rehabilitation treatments that we know today. It was a future-oriented decision.

Medical Treatment Spectrum 

Our daily work is focused on our patients with their individual situations, diseases, functional disorders and therapy and rehabilitation goals.


Diagnostics and Therapy Procedures

Our team of highly qualified medical specialists and experienced therapists work closely together to develop an individual and integrated treatment strategy that is optimally suited for you.