Mission statement

Humanity, professionalism, quality

  • We treat our patients as customers and strive to offer them every assistance with their social and professional reintegration once they have been largely restored to health.
  • Our treatment philosophy includes the active involvement of the patients and takes account of their individual needs and possibilities.
  • Part of our treatment philosophy includes encouraging a positive attitude towards health and the development of personal strategies to cope with physical and mental impairments.
  • Our team adopts a friendly and personal approach to the patients and guests, and respects their cultural differences.
  • Our patients and guests can appeal to any and every single member of our staff for help. In the interests of customer satisfaction, we all take care to ensure that their feedback and suggestions are incorporated into our continual improvement process.
  • All of our staff are actively involved in shaping our work processes within legal and commercially viable constraints, and contribute actively toward helping to sustain the innovative edge of our clinic.
  • Our executives see themselves as role models. They encourage an atmosphere that the staff enjoy working in; they lead cooperatively and create general working conditions that give the employees scope for personal initiative.
  • Environmental protection, and work and health safety are some of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.
  • We actively manage quality and use our quality management system to continually improve our customer-oriented services and to ensure that our patients receive the very best medical-therapeutic care possible.