Therapy procedures

Our well-trained therapist team at the Dr. Baumstark Clinic is highly motivated and committed to helping their patients. Our team of highly qualified medical specialists and experienced therapists work closely together to develop an individual and integrated treatment strategy that is optimally suited for you. We utilize a combination of comprehensive psychological consultation, social therapy and nutrition training to supplement the therapy concept and to help you to improve your mental and physical endurance and to eliminate the symptoms of your health disorders.


Examples of therapies for diagnosed illnesses and prescribed treatments

Spinal disorders/OP

Individual exercises
Classical massage
Back exercises, group sessions
Spinal aquatic therapy
Healthy back classes
Heat treatments
Pain therapy
Relaxation therapy
Medical training therapy

Joint disorders/OP

Individual exercises
Classical massage
Manual lymph drainage
Hip/Knee joint exercises, group sessions
Aquatic therapy
Provision of medical appliances
Open-air walking exercises
Endoprosthesis exercises
Medical training therapy


You will find further procedures in our A - Z list of therapies.