International patients

The German health system enjoys an excellent reputation abroad. Consequently, an increasing number of international patients are traveling to Germany for treatment.

With its comprehensive range of treatments, Dr. Baumstark Clinic has gained years of experience in treating international patients. The Orthopedic and Internal Medicine Departments, above all, attract huge interest from our foreign guests.

We have set up a patient services department to enable us to respond centrally and quickly to inquiries from international patients. To enable us to assess the treatment options that Dr. Baumstark Clinic can offer you, we require as detailed a medical report (from your physician) as possible, which you can send us any time by e-mail or fax, together with your inquiry about treatment. We will send you an individualized treatment program, together with a provisional overview of the costs, after just a few days (generally 2-3 working days).  For more information please contact Mrs. Stefanie Youssafi, Tel. +49 (0) 6172-407 45 16,

  • Inpatients
    We offer inpatient treatment at our clinic if your illness requires intensive care or your mobility is severely impaired. Our single rooms are elegantly furnished and our service equals that of a hotel.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
    If you are mobile and do not require constant support and care, you can also stay at a hotel of your choice. We have cooperation agreements with various hotels in Bad Homburg. You only need to come to our clinic for examinations and therapy sessions. We provide communal changing and rest rooms, if you need them. If you like, you can of course also reserve a room for daytime occupation.
  • Check-up programs
    Our check-up programs focus on non-surgical specialist prevention and healthcare.
  • Understanding is the key
    Understanding is crucial if treatment is to be successful. German, English and Russian are spoken during the treatment sessions.
  • Areas of medical focus for our international patients
    Most of the international patients who come to our Orthopedic Department have just undergone joint replacement surgery or suffer from back problems.
    The Internal Medicine Department offers comprehensive check-ups to diagnose the foremost internal illnesses (see Check-up programs). Suggestions for treatment are developed to reflect the diagnostic findings and discussed with our patients. Our health maintenance programs are also supervised by the Internal Medicine Department. They aim to teach you a healthier lifestyle and diet to improve your ability to cope with everyday life and your work.
    Rehabilitation treatment - for example following abdominal or other surgery - is possible if your immediate return home following surgery in Germany is neither possible nor desirable.