How to reach us

Our patient service and reception teams are at your disposal to answer any questions not relating to medical treatment. We can help you with the formalities relating to the assumption of cost responsibility and can offer you a wealth of information about the fittings and equipment at the clinic and the wide range of leisure activities.

Registration and admission

Rehabilitation following hospital treatment

If you are currently in hospital, you will prepare for follow-up rehabilitation treatment in consultation with your physicians and the social services at the acute hospital. For admission to the clinic, you will need to file an application for follow-up medical treatment ("AHB" application). The social services at your hospital will forward your signed "AHB" application to your health insurance or pension insurance company and to our clinic. Whoever is assuming responsibility for the costs generally notifies us of this fact, after which we will confirm a date of admission to you in writing. Depending on your state of health, you may be able to spend a few days at home after being discharged from hospital and before commencing rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation without prior inpatient treatment

If you have health problems and are therefore struggling to cope with your work or everyday life, you should first consult your general or specialist physician. Following examination, your physician can recommend convalescent treatment and provide you with a medical certificate and rehabilitation prescription. Please consult your physician about any treatment at our clinic: He or she is the right person to contact for inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. You can obtain the application forms from your health or pension insurance company or from their websites.

Checklist in preparation of inpatient rehabilitation

These guidelines aim to help you in compiling the personal items you will need for your stay at the clinic.

1. Medical  and other important documentation

Please make sure you bring the following from your general and/or attending physician (orthopedic physician, etc.):

  • Medical reports, documentation and X-Rays (even the less recent ones), X-Ray pass (if you have one).
  • An appropriate letter for the attending physicians is enclosed. Please show it to all the physicians who are treating you.
  • Identity card/passport
  • Health insurance card (in case an acute illness arises during your treatment)
  • Letter from the health insurance company including all completed forms

2. Personal items (recommended)

  • Clothing, underwear
  • Weatherproof outer clothing, depending on the time of year (e.g., raincoat, anorak)
  • Sturdy shoes for open-air therapy sessions (e.g., Nordic walking, hiking), slippers
  • Umbrella
  • Watch, alarm clock
  • Bodycare products, 2 additional hand towels (approx. 140 cm x 70 cm)
  • Tracksuit, trainers with light colored soles, gymnastics clothing
  • Bathrobe, swimsuit, pool shoes
  • Walking sticks (if you have them)
  • Any medication you must take regularly
  • All medical aids (e.g., inlays, surgical hose, bandages, walking aids, etc.)

3. Other

  • Travel tickets, vouchers for travel/luggage costs
  • If you would like to bring your own bicycle, we can store it but the clinic cannot accept any liability for it. You can also hire a bicycle here.

If you are entitled to a per diem, please notify your insurance company of the date and duration of your stay prior to your arrival.