Unsere Klinik

»Tradition has a future« – a frequently cited quotation that we are happy to repeat considering that our Dr. Baumstark Clinic can look back on a 100-year history.

When Dr. Robert Baumstark opened his sanatorium in 1911, Homburg v. d. Höhe was already a recognized and popular spa resort. The opening of the sanatorium represented a new milestone, a departure from outpatient spa treatments in hotels to the clinic-based spa and rehabilitation treatments that we know today. It was a future-oriented decision.

The spa resort of Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe is located near the gates of Frankfurt in the middle of extensive forests on the southern edge of the Taunus Forest. The fresh, oxygen-rich Taunus breezes that drift over the City toward the Main River plain were enthusiastically greeted by the guests of the then “Prince’s Spa” who raved about Bad Homburg’s »champagne air«.

Our clinic was founded by the Bad Homburg physician, Dr. Robert Baumstark, in 1911. He and his wife, Dr. Jenny Baumstark, selected this ideal location for relaxation and health care, and the new facility was opened on June 15, 1911 as a sanatorium for the treatment of metabolic diseases. In 1977, the current main building was added to the Jacobi House, the original building that is now protected as a historical landmark and, in 1997, a gymnasium and a fitness room were added. Each building has its own design, is tastefully furnished and has its own special interior architectural atmosphere.