Internal and external quality assurance

All of our efforts at Dr. Baumstark Clinic are focused on our patients. Internal and external quality assurance is therefore essential.

Our internal quality assurance defines procedures for specific issues, such as contingency management plans, etc. The rehab team always meets once a week to specifically discuss the patients; some of the team may meet additionally at short notice. Regular in-house training programs are organized, e.g., emergency medical aid, lectures and task forces focusing on specific rehab issues, together with external training programs. The Directors of the different Departments also meet once a week to discuss inter-disciplinary issues. The directors of administration, nursing care, housekeeping, etc., also attend the meeting. In-house commissions regularly address the issues of hygiene, work safety, medical drugs, etc.

As part of our internal quality assurance, our service processes are regularly audited to ensure early identification of weak points and implementation of corresponding improvement potential. Our clinic is currently rolling out a QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 that incorporates the quality criteria specified by the German federal rehabilitation association (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Rehabilitation, BAR). As part of this rollout, our internal quality management is subjected to structured and systematic planning. A quality management officer has been appointed. The QM officer works closely with the Board of Management and is responsible for maintaining and improving our QM system.

Since 2010, the Board of Management has been conducting management assessments of our internal QM system. They are based on the quality report drafted by the quality management department. This report also specifies which QM activities have been implemented in the interests of continual improvement.

The QM report contains feedback from our guests and patients, together with the assessments of their satisfaction with our service provision processes, and any findings from internal audits, the status of the preventive and corrective measures, and any external requirements that need to be taken into account in our QM system in the future.